The team

Dr Andrew Taylor

Andrew has spent too long describing rocks in core sheds and in the field. He believes (although some question his mathematical skills) that he has described so much rock that, if laid end to end, it would stretch from Mellor to Marple and back again. Assuming one took the scenic route. Via Macclesfield. Starting with a PhD, sponsored by Norsk Hydro’s Research Centre in Bergen in 1988, Andrew has been actively working on paralic, shallow marine and continental clastic reservoirs for the best part of 28 years. This experience has been global as he has been fortunate to study such giant fields as Ghawar in Saudi Arabia, Mangala in India, CSG projects in Australia, Foinaven/Schiehallion in the UK, the Planet fields in Angola and Johan Sverdrup in Norway. He has worked with exploration teams providing play maps and stratigraphic control for prospects and regional targets. In addition he has supported development projects with detailed reservoir studies and correlations and has helped look back at older declining assets to rejuvenate fields for new owners.

The other aspect to Andrew’s career is the provision of training courses in core storage facilities, client offices and the field. He has led over 80 field trips, based on original field studies or collaborative work (such as with Statoil in Portugal, Cairn in India and Aramco in Saudi Arabia) in the UK, Europe and the deserts of Rajasthan and Saudi Arabia.

Dr Andrew Thurlow

Andrew is an experienced reservoir geologist with a proficient background in both clastics and carbonates. His postgraduate research began in 1991 and focussed on sequence stratigraphic controls on the interplay of shallow marine carbonates and clastics in the Lower Carboniferous of NW England. Following this, he worked as a reservoir geologist, principally on bioturbated shallow marine and paralic reservoirs from around the world and throughout the stratigraphic column. Career highlights include re-description of the Brent Group in the giant Ninian Field (UK) which led to the recognition of late-life opportunities for infill drilling and workovers in this mature asset, and description of a number of producing fields from the Campos Basin (Brazil) as analogue datasets for new entrants to this prolific petroleum province.

Since 2006, Andrew has largely focussed on the regional geology of the Norwegian North Sea and Barents Sea and has been pivotal in the delivery of a number of multi-client and proprietary technical reports in these areas. In addition to his skills in laboratory-based core description and petrographic analysis, Andrew also has experience of working as part of multi-disciplinary teams in client offices. In these roles, he has contributed to the preparation of static reservoir models, application documents for licencing rounds and regional play fairway analysis for production licences. He also believes there is no place for humour in a website-based resume.

In addition, we can call upon a number of highly experienced contractors, from a range of geoscience disciplines, who are happy to work with Skolithos to increase our capacity to run trips and undertake larger projects with more aspects to the workflow.