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North Yorkshire

Based in Scarborough, the course visits Jurassic coastal exposures between Filey in the south and Staithes in the north. The focus is the Middle Jurassic deltaic strata of the Ravenscar Group. Themes include differentiation of shelf and shoreface sands, types and correlation potential of fluvial channel sandbodies and reservoir development in coastal bays. It is an exercise-based course which is organised to match your group’s specific field issues and can be combined with a core workshop in the BGS in Nottingham. The outcrops provide an insight to teams with paralic and shallow marine play types (e.g. Brent Gp and Pentland, Bryne, Hugin, Sleipner, Fulmar, Ula, Sognefjord and Fensfjord fms).

Ellerbeck Hayburn Wyke
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